Sci-Fi Nights: Alpha Bad Boys & Wild Girls of Futuristic Romance Cathryn Cade


Published: August 9th 2014

Kindle Edition

573 pages


Sci-Fi Nights: Alpha Bad Boys & Wild Girls of Futuristic Romance  by  Cathryn Cade

Sci-Fi Nights: Alpha Bad Boys & Wild Girls of Futuristic Romance by Cathryn Cade
August 9th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 573 pages | ISBN: | 10.67 Mb

DARK RUNNER, LODESTAR SERIES, BOOK 3.5 BY CATHRYN CADETal Darkrunner is not just a tattooed bad boy, he’s the leader of a dangerous gang. Serpentian warrior Scala Raj knows this—so why can’t she stay away from him? She’s supposed to be spying on him to gain back her freedom, not falling for him.**********ASSASSIN’S HUNGER, SHEERSPACE BOOK 3 BY JESSA SLADEStripped of her identity by a cybernetic mercenary corporation, Shaxi was a mindless killer until the corporation was destroyed and set her free.

Now lost and alone, she desperately needs to master her unlinked programming before she succumbs to the rogue madness. But the electromagnetic storm that might save her also blows in the Asphodel, a sheership with more mysteries and menaces than Shaxi has ever faced…including the enigmatic Eril Morav, a heartless assassin on a quest to save the sheerways, even at the cost of his own soul. Eril thinks he’ll use Shaxi to do his dirty work, but she might be the one being in the universe who can light his black-hole heart.**********HEADSPACE BY CALINDA BVienna has a gift of intuition and the ability to make people think they actually had the experience she pulls from their mind.

She operates a high tech, virtual fantasy encounter service, accessing the desires of men and acting them out in her customized room called Headspace. Viennas very successful in her virtual sex life but in her real life, shes never climaxed.When Vienna confides her secret in Jonas, he wants to help, promising success by her birthday. Only thing is, hes in a committed relationship with a long-time girlfriend. When his shrewish girlfriend becomes jealous over his friendship with Vienna, will he cut off the friendship and break her heart?**********END OF THE LINE, JIT’SUKU CHRONICLES BY BIANCA D’ARCEnemy Captain Val downs a female fighter pilot out near the Galactic Rim.

Her name is Lisbet and she’s about to rock his world.Their attraction is mutual and explosive. She can’t resist him, but she hates being a prisoner. Lisbet doesn’t know a lot about his culture and it’s clear he doesn’t understand humans. It’ll be fun educating him about just how fierce... and loving, a human woman can be.**********LIKING IT RUFF BY MINA CARTERSome girls don’t play nice…Licensed Bounty Hunter and mercenary, Naz, has always been a wild one.

After all, chasing criminals across the known galaxy is bound to knock a few cogs loose. No crew, no partner, she works hard and plays hard. Tannick Ruff, Alpha weredog and all round SOB, can see the potential in Naz as a hunter. She might just be tough enough, and crazy enough, to join his crew. The fact that he’s been itching to get inside her for months has absolutely nothing to do with it…

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