Tâm lý học đám đông Gustave Le Bon



303 pages


Tâm lý học đám đông  by  Gustave Le Bon

Tâm lý học đám đông by Gustave Le Bon
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Gustave Le Bons The Crowd is not only a classic, but one of the best-selling scientific books in social psychology & collective behavior ever written. He analyzes the nature of crowds & their role in political movements. He presents crowd behavior as a problem of science & power, a natural phenomenon with practical implications. Originally published in 1895, his book was the 1st to expand the scope of inquiry beyond criminal crowds to include all possible kinds of collective phenomena.

Its continuing significance is evident even in the LA riots of 1992 in which his theories were cited in testimony. He emphasizes the various areas of modern life where crowd behavior holds sway, particularly political upheavals. He focuses on electoral campaigns, parliaments, juries, labor agitation & street demonstrations. At the same time, his treatment of crowds is far from complimentary.

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