Alamo Ranch, a Story of New Mexico Sarah Warner Brooks



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Alamo Ranch, a Story of New Mexico  by  Sarah Warner Brooks

Alamo Ranch, a Story of New Mexico by Sarah Warner Brooks
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This volume is from 1903.From Chapter I:It is autumn- and the last week in November.In New Mexico, this land of sunshine, the sea-son is now as kindly as in the early weeks of ourNorthern September.To-day the sky is one cloudless arch of sapphire!The light breeze scarce ruffles a leaf of the tallalamo, the name tree of this ranch. Here anyholding bigger than a kitchen garden is known asa ranch. The alamo, Spanish for poplar, lendshere and there its scant, stiff shade to this roomyadobe dwelling, with its warm southern frontageand half-detached wings.

Behind the house irregu-lar out-buildings are scattered about.A commodious corral, now the distinguishedresidence of six fine Jersey cows, lies between thehouse and the orchard, a not over-flourishingcollection of peach, apricot, and plum trees.Here and there may be seen wide patches ofkitchen garden, carefully intersected by irrigatingditches.Near and afar, wide alfalfa fields with their stiffaftermath stretch away to the very rim of the mesa,where the cotton-tail makes his home, and sage-brush and mesquite strike root in the meagre soil.Cones of alfalfa hay stacked here and there out-line themselves like giant beehives against the softblue sky- and over all lies the sunny silence of acloudless afternoon with its smiling westering sun.Basking in this grateful warmth, their splintarm-chairs idly tilted against the house-front, theboarders look with sated invalid eyes upon thisgracious landscape.Alamo Ranch is a health resort.

In this thin,dry air of Mesilla Valley, high above the sea level,the consumptive finds his Eldorado. Hither, yearby year, come these foredoomed children of men tofight for breath, putting into this struggle morenoble heroism and praiseworthy courage than some-times goes to victory in battle-fields.Of these combatants some are still buoyed by thehope of recovery- others are but hopeless mortals,with the single sad choice of eking out existencefar from friends and home, or returning to nativeskies, there to throw up hands in despair and suc-cumb to the foe.Sixteen miles away the Organ Mountainsseeming, in this wonderfully clear atmosphere,within but a stones throw loom superbly againstthe cloudless sky- great hills of sand are these,surmounted by tall, serrated peaks of bare rock,and now taking on their afternoon array in theever-changing light, rare marvels of shifting color,amethyst and violet, rosy pink, creamy gold, anddusky purple.

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